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#008: Dr. Susan Campbell - From Triggered to Tranquil

Episode Summary

I had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Susan Campbell, a pioneer in the authentic relating movement, psychologist, and author of more than ten books including From Triggered to Tranquil: How Self-Compassion and Mindful Presence Can Transform Relationship Conflicts and Heal Childhood Wounds. In this engaging and thought-provoking conversation, we delve into Dr. Campbell's transition from academia to private practice, where she served and trained thousands of couples. We also explore the concepts of Authentic Relating and its role in discovering our true nature, as well as the importance of regulating our nervous system and navigating emotional pain. We also unpack how to understand personal control patterns, utilizing trigger work as a catalyst for personal growth, and leveraging mindful awareness to transform old behavioral patterns. I hope you enjoy my wisdom-filled conversation with Dr. Susan Campbell.

Episode Notes

MAY 26  • 1 hour 15 minutes 35 seconds

WTRB Episode #008: Dr. Susan Campbell: From Triggered to Tranquil

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The eighth guest on WTRB is Dr. Susan Campbell, a former University of Massachusetts professor who left academia in 1967 to become a professional speaker and coach in the world of holistic psychological therapy. A certified Radical Honesty Trainer since 2001 and a pioneer of the Authentic Relating Movement, she has published ten books on relationships, transparent communication, conflict resolution and personal evolution.

In this episode we covered:

Dr. Campbell’s work addresses the core issues that require attention in order for couples and individuals to create deeply fulfilling, authentic relationships. In Campbell’s view, emotional pain itself is the doorway to deeper intimacy and expanded awareness. Her books, workshops, videos, newsletters and coaching classes teach practitioners to embody mindful witnessing of uncomfortable triggers in order to cultivate an empathetic wisdom that greatly enriches relations with self and others.


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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Dr. Susan Campbell Soundbite

(00:18) Podcast Welcome

(00:47) Introduction to Susan Campbell

(02:14) Who is Dr. Susan Campbell? In Her Own Words

(03:00) Developing Her Core Philosophy

(04:26) Reacting to Resistance in The Corporate World

(05:23) Shift from Academia to Couple and Family Therapy

(08:08) What It was Like To Be A Woman in Academia in the Mid 60s

(10:02) Wanting More Out of Life

(11:27) A Season of Personal Discovery in California

(13:28) The Authentic Relating Movement

(15:13) Publishing Book “Getting Real”, Discovering The Movement

(17:03) "10 Truth Practices" Example: Clearing The Air

(19:09) Why People Might Withhold Important Information

(21:11) The Great Need to Better Handle Emotional Pain

(21:57) Self-Generated Stories Vs. Reality

(23:48) Security/Control Mindset Vs. Learning/Discovery Mindset

(26:59) Communication and The Unconscious Need For Control

(29:21) Reparenting Ourselves: Learning How To Regulate Our Nervous System

(31:25) Defining Personal Control Patterns in Communication

(34:24) Practicing Non-Judgement When Observing Our Unhealthy Patterns

(35:59) Being Aware of True Motivation When We Notice Ourselves In a Pattern

(36:29) Trigger Reactions As Catalyst to Whole-Making

(39:26) The Internet as a Modern Whole-Making Function For Humanity

(41:22) Healing and Whole-Making: Peeling Away Defenses

(42:06) Exploring "Trigger Work”

(47:22) The Empathy and Tenderness of a Witness Mindset

(49:23) Trigger Signature Exercise with Steve

(57:35) Revealing What We’ve Discovered to Our Partners

(60:26) Stumbling On The Path to Peaceful Articulation

(61:04) Continuing Trigger Signature Exercise with Steve

(62:37) Using Awareness to Alter Behavioral Patterns

(64:04) Navigating Transition: Honoring Resistance to Change

(69:20) Trigger Work In Relationships

(72:49) How To Find Dr. Campbell’s Work

(74:08) Podcast Outro

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