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#006: Kyle Kowalski - The Art of Living Intentionally

Episode Summary

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Kowalski, the founder of Sloww.co, a platform dedicated to curating "the web's deepest guide to the world's wisdom." Kyle and I explored the transformative power of crisis and how it can lead to significant changes in our lives. We also discussed the importance of observation and reflection in "connecting the dots" and discovering our purpose and meaning. Along the way, Kyle shared his insights on intentional living, curiosity, and how surrendering control can help us appreciate the mysteries of life. Finally, we touched on some fascinating topics, including Kyle's perspectives on free will and the interplay between nature and nurture. I'm excited for you to listen to this inspiring conversation with Kyle Kowalski!

Episode Notes

APRIL 7  • 1 hour 13 minutes 39 seconds

WTRB Episode #006: Kyle Kowalski - Living Intentionally

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The sixth guest on WTRB is Kyle Kowalski, a former marketing executive who turned an existential crisis into a meaningful career in holistic education. In 2015 Kyle launched the website Sloww.co, which offers a wealth of powerful information to help us explore the deep and many aspects of intentional living and personal development.

In this episode we covered:

Known as “The Art of Living For Students of Life”, Sloww.co shares observations and syntheses on slow and simple living, the search for meaning and purpose, spirituality and consciousness, natural and social sciences, psychology, metaphysics and many more philosophical and science-based materials. Kyle’s mission in offering this rich educational support is to help us better understand ourselves, transcend stuck patterns, and more confidently and consciously traverse the dynamic landscapes to self-actualization.

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Where to find information on Kyle Kowalski:

• Website: www.sloww.co

• Twitter: @KyKow


Time Stamps:

(00:00) Kyle Kowalski - Soundbite

(00:44) Introducing Kyle Kowalski

(02.06) The Multi-Dimensionality of Kyle Kowalski

(05:01) The Synthesizing Mind

(06:11) Observation, Reflection and Dot-Connection

(07:15) Stumbling Into The Marketing Industry

(07:58) Discovering That Self-Worth Was Tied to Work

(09:28) Social Conditioning and Material Desire

(10:53) Work Burnout, Questioning Purpose

(14:06) Existential Crisis, Resetting Life Perspective

(15:02) Discovering Concepts of Intentional Living

(16:06) Origins of Sloww.co

(18:00) Period of Increasing Cognitive Dissonance

(20:04) Transformation as a Long Unfolding Process

(20:58) Entrepreneurial Projects During Career, Sloww.co Launch

(22:42) First Sloww.co Post - Digital Minimalism

(23:26) Backed Into A Corner, Stars Aligned For Leap Of Faith

(26:11) Transformative Learning and the Importance of Supportive Partnership

(27:00) Finding Support on The Internet

(27:49) Early Days After Quitting Career & Diving Into Entrepreneurship

(29:16) Choosing Between Options: “Which One Can't I NOT Do?”

(30:28) The Journey Of Understanding and Articulating Purpose

(33:32) Ikigai: A Japanese Perspective on Passion and Life Purpose

(36:09) Jim Collins & The Hedgehog Concept

(37:22) Bringing Ikigai Full Circle: Sharing Your Gift With The World

(38:33) How To Find Your Own Ikigai

(39:22) The Role That Money Plays in Ikigai

(40:55) Introducing The Four Sloww Stages

(42:20) Lifelong Learning: Innate Vs Taught

(43:17) Curiosity, A Questioning Mindset

(44:16) The Four Sloww Stages

(47:05) A Start For Intentional Living: Asking Questions

(47:38) Simple Living Vs. Slow Living

(48:26) Decluttering, Intentional Spending

(49:35) Voluntary Simplicity, Downshifting, Minimalism

(51:27) Social Programming: Obstacle and Motivation for Change

(53:26) Addressing Potential Concerns About Intentional Living

(53:34) Looking Back to Connect The Dots

(56:04) Personal And Universal Coherence

(56:33) Surrendering Control; Awe and Reverence for the Mystery of Life

(57:45) Recognizing Synchronicities in the Unfolding of Life

(59:36) Thoughts On Free Will

(62:13) A-Ha Moment: Convergence of Conceptual, Experiential and Scientific

(64:32) The Paradox: A Seemingly Limiting Idea Is Actually Liberating

(65:15) The "Lottery Ball" Thought Experiment

(66:36) The "Lottery of Birth", Nature and Nurture

(68:25) Book Recommendations for Life Transitions

(69:20) Current Projects, What’s Next

(70:10) "The More I Learn, The Less I Know"

(71:16) Where To Find Kyle’s Work

Stay curious and keep exploring the winding road of life.

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